Good system saves you time

The most expensive part of point of sale systems is the time you spend using them.

Very fast product management

Efficient product management is necessary for developing your business and for good service.

Financial control in restaurants is often made unnecessarily difficult by slow and complicated product management, illogical inventory system and quickly changing product portfolios.

Straightforward and logical product management combined with quick inventory management are the next step in point of sale design. With TuloPOS you dont need office hours, you can do all this work during the quiet hours in the restaurant. 

TuloPOS is easy to use, which makes financial control and developing your restaurant simple.

Easy inventory counts


Counting the inventory is one of the most important ways for a restaurant to get accurate information about the successes and failures. 

The traditional way of printing inventory lists on paper, then counting, then entering it in the system, and correcting mistakes wastes time and is expensive. Compared to traditional way TuloPOS is twice as fast.

With TuloPOS you can input the inventory straight in to the system which cuts your hours in half. Intuitive interface makes counting high volume products extremely fast.

What difference does this make for your business? If 80% of your sales comes from 20% of your products counting them frequently is essential for controlling the product margin. Traditional 2-6 weeks between your bookkeeping records and actual sales is way too slow for reacting to problems with the margins.

With TuloPOS you get the product margin report as soon as you save the inventory.

Efficiency with order lists


With TuloPOS order lists you free your best sales people to sell.

The jobs in restaurant are constantly specializing. New restaurants are bigger than before. New staff is expensive to train. 

Our solution to making your restaurant more efficient is order lists. With order lists your waiters can order products from different stations saving them steps. This reduces errors as all products need to be placed on bills before anything is served to the customer.

TuloPOS is easy to use on mobile devices, or larger devices can be discreetly mounted to any surface. The system that is tailored to your needs makes working in the restaurant more efficient, and allows the staff to focus on what they do best.


TuloPOS gets better every patch

Changing customer needs require constant change, which in turn force us to update the system constantly.

TuloPOS is a service, like a good restaurant. Good service means that we are constantly adapting to your needs. Our system is based on good usability, and there is always more wasy to make the system better.

We will never stop improving the system, and we will improve it based on your feedback. We will bring new technologies and solutions to the restaurant industry now and in the future.

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