The easiest way to run your restaurant efficiently

TuloPOS is a point of sale and inventory management system designed with restaurants in mind.

Point of sale and inventory management system created by restaurant professionals.

TuloPOS works like a well designed restaurant


We make the start easy: our point of sale system is ready to use on delivery. All the products, folders, and prices are where they belong. Training and continuous support is always part of the service.


In our opinion efficiency is: dividing bills from one button, being able to update product portfolio during the quiet hours, and quickly counting your inventory. 

TuloPOS makes it easier to focus on running the restaurant.


Pint fell, tablet dropped, grease in the printer? Nothing is indestructible. That is why we offer service till 23:30 everyday, and we deliver you new equipment in less than 24 hours.

We make sure, that the start is easy

25 years working in restaurant industry makes sure that we understand your needs, and are able to deliver on them


Based on our experience - as users and vendor - starting to use a new system is not simple. A good start is a process that takes planning, it starts from the first meet with you, and ends when your staff is comfortable with the new system.

  1. In our first meeting with you, we ensure you that we offer you the best equipment and system.
  2. During installation we make sure the equipment works correctly and is in the right place.
  3. After the install we train you to use the system, and offer you advanced training and support based on your needs.
  4. To top it all we offer you three months of free support to strengthen the training.

The most important thing for us is to deliver just the right system for you, and earn your loyalty with excellent service.

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